Allergy Testing: Find the Root Cause of Your Issues

Stop the pain with our comprehensive approach to allergy testing

Allergies are a challenging obstacle to deal with on top of everyday life. You might feel congested, exhausted, and like there's no end in sight-- but that doesn't have to be the case. Font ENT & Facial Plastics can help you find long-term relief from your allergies.

We begin by testing for allergens so we can create a tailored plan just for you. allergy testing will precisely tell us what substances you're allergic to; this knowledge is essential in developing an effective strategy moving forward.

How does allergy testing work?

The allergy analysis process is a technique for determining which allergens induce your body to react and create allergic responses. It's also used to measure the severity of the reaction. The following are some of the most frequent allergens that we test for: pet dander, food, pollen, and mold. During your initial consultation, we can determine whether you need the usual skin prick test or a less common blood test.

A skin prick test is conducted by pricking (most people compare it to a fingernail scratch) the surface of your skin with a needle that contains a tiny amount of an allergen. The way your skin reacts will help us determine if you're allergic and the severity of the allergy. Many different allergens can be tested at one time using this method.

A blood test may be used if you:

  • Take a medication that interferes with the prick test
  • Suffer from anaphylaxis as a result of your allergy
  • Have a skin condition that will alter the results of the prick test

Testing for allergies is the best way to know which allergies you have and how severe they are, but it doesn't always tell the whole story. That's why it's important to get tested at an ENT's office rather than an allergy testing facility.

Discover the full underlying story of your sinus pain

Allergen testing sites are springing up all over the country, and many people are going to testing centers rather than their ENT's office for a comprehensive examination. As previously stated, getting a complete exam is the best method to discover the full picture of what's going on in your sinuses.

Without a comprehensive exam, you may not find any underlying causes of your sinus pain. Oftentimes, our patients are suffering from other conditions along with their allergies. Conditions like nasal obstruction or structural issues

At Font ENT & Facial Plastics, we can perform a thorough examination to help you discover the source of the problem and the best treatment option. Our comprehensive exams may include:

  • Asking about family history
  • Getting a list of current and past symptoms
  • Allergy testing
  • A CT scan or in-office examination

Are you ready to get rid of your allergy pain?

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