In-Office Nasal Procedures at Font ENT & Facial Plastics

Our in-office procedures can help you avoid unwanted medication

Minimally invasive surgery is revolutionizing the way we cure chronic sinusitis. Minimally invasive therapies allow patients to obtain rapid comfort without enduring any of the unpleasant symptoms associated with traditional surgery.

Minimally invasive procedures are for people who:

  • No longer get relief from medication
  • Are tired of the unwanted side effects of medication
  • Want relief that lasts

Examples of minimally invasive treatments that we offer at Font ENT & Facial Plastics include:

VivAer® for nasal obstruction

Nasal obstructions can be caused by structural abnormalities in the nose. They may cause congestion and impede airflow. While self-medication might provide momentary alleviation, true relief will not be achieved until the airway is cleared

If you always have trouble breathing through your nose and nothing helps, you may have an obstruction that needs to be repaired. You can find relief without surgery with VivAer®.

VivAer® is effective and has high satisfaction

97% of patients had a drastic nasal breathing improvement

94% of patients could easily breathe through their nose during exercise after the treatment

89% said they slept better at night

RhinAer® for chronic rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis is a condition that results in painful sinus symptoms. It usually causes a persistent runny nose, congestion, coughing, itching, and sneezing.

If you suffer from chronic rhinitis, finding an effective treatment may feel impossible and frustrating. You may constantly feel like you need to keep a pocketful of tissues with you everywhere you go. But it doesn't have to be this way forever.

RhinAer® provides:

Lasting relief from rhinitis symptoms

A non-invasive treatment that requires no surgery and is performed in the privacy of our office

An easier approach to enhancing your quality of life

Lasting relief from your sinus pain is possible

Sinus headaches are extremely unpleasant and difficult to manage, especially when no medicine gives long-lasting relief. We'll get you on the right road to easy treatment and recovery from whatever is causing your condition.

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