Balloon Sinuplasty: The Lasting Solution to Chronic Sinus Pain

Are chronic sinus pain symptoms making life difficult?

Facial pressure and pain…

Constant congestion…

Recurring infections…

You’re way too familiar with both of these and other painful sinus symptoms.

A long-term solution for sinus pain can seem impossible to find

You’ve probably tried treatments like over-the-counter medicines, nasal sprays, home remedies, and so much more.

However, these haven’t done much to get rid of your pain for more than a few days, and you’re fed up.

Font ENT & Facial Plastics understands your pain and helps patients just like you get the lasting relief they deserve.

Our minimally invasive balloon sinuplasty procedure is the answer

Balloon sinuplasty is an FDA-approved solution for chronic sinus pain that’s helped millions of people nationwide.

You’re likely a candidate if medications and other remedies haven’t given you long-term relief from your sinus pain.

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Balloon sinuplasty is:


Studies have shown that over 90% of patients are still happy with their results after 5 years.

Minimally invasive

Unlike traditional sinus surgery, there is no cutting or removal of bone during balloon sinuplasty.

Offers quick recovery

Since there is no cutting or removal of bone, balloon sinuplasty usually causes less pain during recovery. Most people are back to normal activities within a day or two.

Choose sinus pain relief with Font ENT & Facial Plastics

If you’re truly fed up with all the pain and frustration that has come from your chronic sinus pain, it’s time to schedule a consultation. We can help you find the lasting pain relief you deserve.

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